The cleaning and preparation of fish is an inconvenient chore at best and is particularly bothersome when you do not have the proper equipment. Without the correct knife, filleting fish takes more time and effort and tends to be extremely messy. Fish fillet knives are specifically manufactured for this job and are made in various sizes and kinds to make it an enjoyable experience.

A number of companies make fillet knives in a few different styles. The slim fillet knife has a long thin blade with a fine point. Its rubber handle makes it easier to grip when filleting fish. The standard fillet knife is 7 inches long; a smaller 5-inch blade is used for smaller fish.

Certain companies have 9" blades for sale. There are now even electric fillet knives that give you more efficiency and power. With electric fillet knives, you get blades that you can switch out, so that it's more convenient.

It is the sharpness of the cutting edge which permits cutting the meat as close to the bone as possible. And it is for this purpose that fillet knives are long and slim with a sharp edge. This is why this kind of knife is used to clean fish. Using the pointed end, a clean and easy cut is made from the tail up to the chest area.

When an electric fillet knife moves across a fish, it vibrates. Some electric knives are made to indicate when the filleting is finished.

For storage, fillet knives and the blades of the electric carving knives must be first washed and dried. And the blades should be kept sharp so that the fillets can be cut with consistent depth and size. Storing the knives in a dry location will prevent their rusting.

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